Tarihi Lüzinyan Evi - Suriçi

Lusignan House

Our house originally built in Lusignan period in 14th century and is home to many cultures. It is in the heart of Walled City in Famagusta and close to the city center. It takes only two minutes to walk to square, twenty minutes to beach and ten minutes to the port. Our house is the starting point to catch the art and cultures in Walled City.
You can book the entire house (up to four people) or you can book the room (up to two people). You’ll love our house because of the comfy beds, the kitchen, the coziness, beautiful and green courtyard, the light and the historical atmosphere.. My place is good for couples, business travelers, families (with kids) and history lovers.
Famagusta offer great history for you. You can catch multi-cultural atmosphere (Byzantium, Lusignan, Venetian, Ottoman, British footsteps) in every street of walled city and You can discover more than 40 monuments including Othello Castle, St. Nicholas Cathedrals, Venetian Palace, churches (St. Peter & Paul, St. Georgios Xorinos, St. Mary-Armenian-, St. Ann, St. George Greek, Agios Zoni, Agios Nikeloas, Agios Simeon, Carmelit, St. George Latin, St. Tanners, St. Francis, St. Anthony, Twin), Turkish baths (Cafer Pasha, Scarlet, Kertikli), Venetian Palace, Land and Sea Gates, Ravelin, Martinengo Bastion etc.